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Shining Star
Shining Star menulis di September 29, 2011.

ALLAH is with you Always...............

When you r blessed,
HE is Ar-Rahman

When you r hungry,
HE is Ar-Razzaq

When you r honoured
HE is Al-Mu'izz

When you r weak,
HE is Al-Muqeet

When you pray,
HE is Al-Mujeeb

When you need friend,
HE is Al-Wali

When you r detracked,
HE is Al-Hadi

When you r gifted,
HE is Al-Kareem

When you r forgiven,
He is Al-Ghafoor

When you r in the darkness of Hopelessness,
HE is Al-Noor

If you r sinner,
HE is At-Tawwab

Feel the presence of ALLAH always

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